Family and Community Center Chaloupka z.s. has a number of partners he values very much.

These partners support us by co-financing child-related projects or material donations to our activities, such as the Foster Ball.

We thank you for both forms of partnership and look forward to further mutual cooperation.

An insight into the bounty of foster parents in 2018 and our thanks to all the partners who supported our prom and made a lot of smiles on the faces of the ball visitors. Thank you

Family and Community Center Chaloupka

Provides services that focus on working, supporting and actively spending leisure time with families of children of different ages and at the same time the organization is dedicated to foster families


Moravian-Silesian Region

The Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region is one of the partners not only of the Ostrava campaign “Let’s Give Children to the Family”. With its subsidy systems, it supports supportive family care and pro-family activities.


Statutory city of Ostrava

He launched the campaign called “Give Children to a Family” in 2011 to seek and support replacement parents for children who grow up without biological parents.


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

As part of the “Right to Childhood” campaign, she intensively supported the development of supportive family care at the highest level. At present, he deals with the issues of pro-family policy of both biological and substitute families.


For Help s.r.o.

     Association for helping children and people with autism with a focus on education about autism.



Sports and Recreation Facilities of Ostrava


Stoklasa haberdashery


Plesenská kaf(r)árna


Byliny Pavla

Wide range of herbs, natural cosmetics, alternative medicine, etc.


Charita sv. Alexandra

Handmade products from sheltered workshops


Beauty studio

Ranch Duhová víla, o.s.

The aim of the association is to return to nature through horses to improve the lives of both children and adults



Czech company that produces children’s clothing and caps

hairdresser’s Radmila Kolečková

Tea Bar Ostrava

Tea drinks, hookahs, teas


Flower shop Ostrava

Flower delivery, online flower shop


Central Connect Taxi

      Taxi service – nonstop taxi, drink service.



Internet bookstore


Omega Fashion

Fima JK Rimex s.r.o. – Elra Elektro Performs Electro supplies you with complete electrical and power solutions for your construction or reconstruction


Tourist Section Bludný kruh – TOM 4334

The touristic section was established in 1999. It has a long tradition. Our main goal is to work with children in their spare time. We make regular meetings at the clubhouse, trips and camps.