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Mission RKC Chaloupka – replacement family care

  • Since 2013, our organization has been the person authorized to perform social and legal protection for children
  • we offer co-operation between foster parents, guardians and fosters for a transitional period through the conclusion of a foster care agreement
  • we offer accompanying and professional assistance to those interested in alternative family care
  • we support and offer leisure activities for children in substitute family care as part of our projects
  • we provide professional social counseling, psychological care, escort and support in solving various life situations
  • within the projects, we carry out assisted contacts in the framework of alternative family care and beyond
  • we actively participate in the campaign “Give our Children a Family” in Ostrava, which aims to raise public awareness of alternative family care and to address new foster parents

Structure RKC Chaloupka – replacement family care

Mgr. Edita Kozinová – Director

Bc. Kateřina Návratová – Head of Substitute family care

Mgr. Eva Čechová – Field social workerRepresentative of Substitute family care

Mgr. Jana Němcová – Field social worker

Bc. Marie Klimková – Field social worker

Ing. Anna Dobošová – Coordinator of education for foster families

The statutory representative of the organization is director Mgr. Edita Kozinová

RKC Chaloupka v souvislosti s ochranou osobních údajů je v souladu s platnými právními předpisy, zejména nařízením Evropského parlamentu a Rady č. 2016/679 ze dne 27.4.2016 o ochraně fyzických osob a řídí se zásadami o zpracování a ochraně osobních údajů.